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Whale Watching Trip

In Gansbaai you can find Whales, Dolphins, Seals, Penguins, and Great White Sharks all in one trip. Trust our crew to make your trip educational, exceptionally fun, safe, and unforgettable.

Great White Shark Cage Diving Trip

Gansbaai is the capitol of the Great White Shark. If you want to come face-to-face with a Great white shark, then Gansbaai is definitely the place to be. Book your trip with us and we will book you on the best boat to ensure you an educational yet enjoyable trip.

Kayak Junkies

We specialise in river and sea kayak trips for those who have no kayak experience at all. The river trip is a relaxing and tranquil cruise down the Klein River in Stanford. It’s an exciting way to spend two to three hours of your day.

African Horse Company

On offer are 1-6 hour beach and mountain rides and 2-10 day overnight trails catering for beginners to advanced horse riders. You will ride along kilometers of unspoiled beach and climb rugged mountain terrain with your horse.

Gansbaai Golf Club

Gansbaai Golf Club is a 9 hole golf course is situated 3 km outside of the town area of Gansbaai. Enjoy the beautiful landscape amongst the Fynbos and admire the spectacular sea views across the ocean.

Restaurants in Gansbaai

Gansbaai restaurants offer an array of unique experiences for diners. From outdoor ‘alfresco’ style eateries and family-friendly establishments to casual pizza diners and rustic surfer hang outs, these quirky and fine-dining eateries are an exciting opportunity.

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Different people come to Gansbaai for different reasons and in different seasons. This unique coast of contrasts and unsurpassed natural beauty never cease to surprise and tantalise the thousands of folks who come to live, play or relax in this untouched Eden.